VR Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) keeps on ascending in prevalence and market openness keeps on developing. That being stated, not every person is locally available with the drifting innovation, and however it has turned into a wellspring of the center for some organizations, the Big N isn’t one of them. Nintendo keeps on holding firm to their position against receiving VR innovation and the other exceptional mechanical improvement in regards to 4K.

It’s a dependable fact Nintendo has had their second thoughts with Virtual Reality and the organization has not been modest in the past about making their position known. In a meeting with the French production called Les Numériques, Nintendo France Head Phillipe Lavoue emphasizes that right now Nintendo as an organization is uninvolved in tech, for example, VR innovation and 4K.

Nintendo once tried to bring VR to players back in 1995 with the stereoscopic 3D headset called the “Virtual Boy”. Unfortunately, the device was cited as a failure for its high price, unimpressive 3D effect, lack of true portability, health concerns, and more. It was then pulled from the shelves within months of its release.